My design process is the alchemy of a thoughtful discovery process, market research, and visual storytelling.

It all starts with conversation. If you’d like to work together, the very first step is to reach out to me. We’ll talk about your exciting business dreams and I’ll answer any questions you may have. If we feel that we’re a great match and you’re ready to get started, I’ll send over my contract + invoice. Once the signed contract and deposit is received, we’re officially booked and ready to embark on this creative adventure together!


Intentional design is the result of a thoughtful discovery process. Establishing a solid brand foundation is crucial to the success of any brand and should always come before the visuals, so it’s important that we do some business soul searching!

We’ll begin with a thoughtful, comprehensive Workbook (the Discovery Workbook), which I have crafted and refined throughout my nearly decade of designer experience. The workbook will give us the foundation needed to begin the design process and will be an inspirational reference to help you stay focused and aligned for years to come!

Through the workbook, we will discover your message, style, ideal client, and how we can establish a real connection with them through design. We will also collect visual inspiration that aligns with the feeling you want your brand to evoke. Think of this phase as your business blueprint. Together we’ll get crystal clear on who you are, what you offer, and what sets you apart in your industry. From there, I will translate that into beautiful visuals that truly reflect the essence of your business, message, and deeply-rooted values.


Once the workbook is complete, I will begin to strategize the visual direction. Our conversations and your completed workbook will inspire the creation of the visual brand plan, which will be prepared as a full guide PDF taking you through visual inspiration, mood exploration, and a custom, curated color palette.

This part of the process will focus on setting the tone for a specific design direction to help maintain consistency. It will also ensure that we’re on the same page prior to moving into the preliminary designs!


Once the exploration phase is complete, we can move into the preliminary design concepts. This is where all the magic happens! I’ll craft a beautiful design presentation prepared as a full guide PDF, taking you through each thoughtfully crafted logo design.

You will also receive a beautiful, imaginative presentation, bringing each design to life through life-like mockups that will help you visualize the designs in real life context. We will then work together to narrow in and refine those ideas until we have the design that perfectly embodies your business and brand personality.

From there, we’ll move into any additional design pieces included in our project. That could be brand style guide, secondary logo, brand mark, brand illustrations, social media design, blog graphics, print pieces (such as business card, thank you card, letterhead), etc. If a custom website is included in our project, we’ll move into the site design process once branding is complete.


We’ll celebrate and share your new brand and/or website with the world! You will receive all of the final files and tools that you need to maintain your new visuals as your business grows. I’ll be alongside you to make sure your launch goes smoothly and to provide my advice and ideas on future ways to implement your new design into different settings.


Have questions about my services or the process? Please feel free to get in touch. I’d love to hear from you!


Please note, the process may vary depending on the scope of our project together. If you have any questions, please get in touch.